Day 3 – unexpected

Again, I go into todays 15 minutes with initial reluctance and even some annoyance. It would still seem that I have life “under control” and dont have a pressing need to calm down and relax. The unexpected comes.

After a few minutes, once the mind flow has slowed down to one thought every other second instead of ten in one (hardy har), I find myself observing the body and releasing tension I didn’t know I had. I let my hands go numb, they are on my legs, palms up, and I begin to feel an energy flow from them. Clearly I am giving energy from the right and receiving with the left… and I have never before felt this so clearly.

I focus on my breath, on my heartbeat.
I didn’t know I needed it, but my fifteen minutes brings me profound calm and serenity.
I feel woozy with relaxation 🙂

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