Fasting, Meditation

Day 1 (a fasting day)


Here I am in the evening, hungry (lol), with tea in hand and ready to go to bed and wake up to an epic breakfast.

The fasting was alright today, although the cold, grey weather in Barcelona made it difficult to get any support and energy from the sun. Water with lemon in the morning, watered down coffee with bit of milk to warm up, big freshly-squeezed orange juice, handful of mandarines and a carrot-celery-ginger juice on the fly. Tons of herbal teas. More of a liquid diet than full-on fast, but I refuse to be hard on myself. I remind myself that I’m new to this and that it’s a process, and for the time being I find it difficult to be on water and herbal teas alone… The headaches and hunger pangs are tough.

Meditation was challenging. The mind wanders and gets distracted so easily. Sometimes it takes more than a few seconds to realise I’m thinking again about “that thing”…
But I will learn.
That’s what it’s all about after all 🙂

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