The trail of Genghis Khan – a 3 year journey on horseback across Eurasia

Just finished watching Australian production “The Trail of Genghis Khan” (all 6 parts are on YouTube); partaking in some of Tim Cope’s spectacular journey on horseback across Eurasia fills me with a deep longing to get back on the road myself – the nomad within me is awakening from restless slumber!

This is an incredible documentary film especially considering that the majority of the footage was filmed and shot when Tim was alone with his animals, 2 then 3 horses and his dog Tigan.  One can only begin to imagine the amount of work and patience that went into the repeated self-filming: setting up tripods, timers and cameras to catch action footage of his trip.  The narration, observations in regards to sedentary and nomadic peoples and Tim’s emotional honesty are very real and raw, much like the journey itself.

Highly recommend ! … and to get you started, here is Part 1:

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