Cycling Safety and First Aid in 1887 – a must read!

Avoiding an accident!Just came across this brilliantly helarious article, from Breton Bikes – a bike tour company operating tours in Brittany, France. They, in turn, have found this pearl in the Badminton Library.

An excerpt:

“Down hill on a bicycle the safest position is without doubt that in which the legs are placed on the handle-bar, as not only will a sharp application of the brake bring the rider over the front wheel and on to his feet, a somewhat jerky method of dismounting, but singularly serviceable in cases of emergency ; but in cases of a bad fall the rider gets at once clear of his machine, and all practical cyclists know that the most painful injuries are caused by the handle-bars striking the front of the legs, so that, provided the rider has full confidence in his break, the legs-over-handles position is the safest.”

Click here to read more!

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