A new photo collage – for Wealth & Money area (Feng Shui)


I’ve been making collages for years, enjoying the creative process, content to decipher the mysteries of my subconscious upon completion of my work. Even after several years I’ll look at a collage differently, understand something more from the arrangement of photos that some higher force enacts through me. The layers, depth of meaning and significance that I find in these photo-inspired pieces never fail to surprise me.

This one, created in a bit of a frenzy last night, is destined for the Wealth & Mo$ey area of my new place in Barcelona. I’ve done a few before in this fashion, following certain colour, symbol, animal and material guidelines; I already have collages for the Helping Hands, Relationships and Family areas. This is the fourth of my Feng Shui themed collages created to date.

The Wealth & Money area in our rooms/houses is associated with more than just financial security – it’s also about our personal definitions of success, abundance and what it means to live a rich, full life.

In general, the following is recommended for the Wealth & Money area:
– wood and wood art
– bamboo
– images of wealth & financial success
– clear & moving water
– light
– colours: purple, gold, green
– animals: dragons, frogs, lucky cats
– chinese coins
– laughing Buddhas with big bellies

Some of these elements I used more so than others, for some I did not find the right images and so left them out all together. Most importantly, I made sure to include personal concepts and hidden motifs of abundance and well-being.


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