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Urban harvest – a bucket full of crab apples


A Sunday morning well spent as we (my mom and I) checked out a gorgeous apple tree in a neighbourhood next to our own in SW Calgary. It’s not every day that you can saunter into a stranger’s backyard and grab at fruit, but that’s exactly what Calgary’s Urban Harvest project is all about:

Calgarians with overly abundant fruit crops (or if they don’t want the fruit at all) can register trees, and berry bushes, on the site allowing for jelly and apple-preserve fiends like my mother and I a go at their fruit! It’s a great way to save food that would otherwise go to waste, get free organic edibles and climb strangers’ trees for free!!

Is there an urban harvest project in your city? Do you see quality fruit like raspberries and crab-apples go to waste?
Get going on your own urban harvest projects now!

We all know that Permies are, deep down, a lazy bunch (ahem, I mean pragmatic)… Come on, it just makes sense to take advantage of the free food we already have!





7 thoughts on “Urban harvest – a bucket full of crab apples”

  1. Kasia! Great to hear you are back in Calgary for a short while! I just got back from a hiking/camping trip in Kananaskis this weekend; it would have been nice to see you when I passed through 😦 Perhaps another time? And to get back to the topic of your blog post, Edmonton also has some great urban harvesting projects such as Fruits of Sherbrooke ( and Operation Fruit Rescue ( =)


  2. Hey! Aw yea it would have been great to see u again! This trip to YYC was very last minute but i love the opportunity to reconnect w ppl here and the city before heading back to Europe. So glad to hear that Edmonton has similar harvesting projects 🙂 bisous !


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