Bicycle Touring Pro – check out “Ride to Read – the realities of a cycling fundraiser”

Here, an article I recently wrote for Bicycle Touring Pro about the fundraising aspect of the Ride to Read project, cycling solo across Europe and raising funds for World Literacy Canada.

full article here.

a snippet:

“I was swamped with work and kept wishing that I could split myself into three to get it all done! With my departure date looming, I did what I knew I had to – I placed an ad, a request for a Virtual Assistant (VA) – on the popular Elance website. One week and several interviews later…”

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  1. Ále says:

    Wow, very informative article. I wait for the rest. as I read it I was thinking perhaps Apple could really help to donate to this cause, I mean you practically advertised their phone! thats ALL you used, for skype, twitter, wordpress, phone, video and photo and much more. Seriously. this could be a venue to look at and contact them etc…
    Congratulations on your successfully completing this and learning SO much. You are now richer in these experiences and can offer so much to the world.


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