Yemen, the Lakota and urban gardening – this week’s favourite Ted talks

Watching Ted talks is turning into a mild obsession as I find myself googling “Ted talk” with any third word that comes to mind, like “science”, “gardening” or “war”.  The more creative I think I’m getting the more fascinating presentations I find.  Try the Ted talk formula with “architecture”, “crochet” and “Pine ridge reserve” and you’ll see what I mean!
Here, my most recent finds (although the videos themselves are not necessarily new news), the presentations and people with whom I feel I share something real – if not our specific field of study, then definitely our passion for positive change.

1. Inspirational Nadia Al-Sakkaf started Yemen’s first free English-language newspaper, the Yemen Times – her vision of peace, equality and hope is extraordinary

2. Aaron Huey is a photographer on a mission – that of documenting the reality of the Lakota people on Pine Ridge Reservation and of returning the Black Hills to their rightful owner.

Anyone who has lived, lives or thinks of living anywhere in the Americas need first understand what has become of the indigenous peoples from whom white man took the land.

3. Our urban future

Are cities unsustainable parasites with no hope of redemption? With Earth’s population heading to urbanize the planet even more, Alex Steffen puts a more positive spin on the kind of “green” we can hope to find in cities.



  1. A TED a day keeps the brain atrophy away! I just watched Daphne Koller about Coursera and signed up for an intro to Sustainability starting this month. I’m so excited! Lifelong learning!
    Otherwise I look forward to checking these out! TED is kind of like biking… Gives me hope for the future 😉
    Stay cool!

  2. Hehe “a Ted a day” indeed! .. Or 4 or 5 if u like to overdo it like some 😉
    Will check out this talk u mentioned!
    Amen to life long learning! Whoever believes otherwise is in for quite the surprise!
    (my word, that rhymes!, lol)

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