Santa Maria del Mar – “rzut beretem” from home

Indeed, it’s not every day that I live next door to beautiful, gothic masterpieces.

This blog post is for my mom as she has asked me to photograph both the Santa Maria del Mar and the Sagrada Familia for her, so with my keen photographers eye and the iPhone camera to the rescue, I’ve set out to accomplish my task.

Personally, I’ve nothing for, or against, the numerous old churches that dot the historic heart of Barcelona.  Some are more, or less, known, some are baroque, others gothic.  I enjoy the serenity and cool air inside, thinking to myself as I enter, that churches are one of the few places in Spain where people make an effort to be quiet.

Beautiful architecture and a reminder of a past in which we hoped to revere God through material excellence.  The glories remain, may we care for them for many generation to come, and yet…certainly, I’m not the only one thinking “let’s now spend the time and effort on building the temple within!”.  Even if that approach leaves less for the eye to enjoy.

Hope you enjoy the photos 🙂

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