Barbara Sher’s “Refuse to choose”, perspective altering book

Are you fascinated by Spanish guitar, Chinese cooking, running a successful language school and sailing to India all at the same time? Or maybe what makes your heart smile are rare bird species, photography, medieval poetry and chimney cleaning?

In my case, I find myself simultaneously wanting to study linguistics, start a rooftop greenhouse business, write a novel, sail around the world, learn horse-back riding and perfect my guitar skills…


Whatever our varied interests may be, the sharp intelect and love of learning attitude of “scanners” (term coined by author) doesn’t let us focus on just one thing or choose that one career to stick with “forever”! Scanners nead variety, stimulation, constant challenges and excitement.

Trouble is, scanners often times find themselves hitting their heads on walls in an effort to figure it all out. How do you choose amidst so many options, opportunities and talents? How do you stand strong against a society that constantly wants to turn us into specialists and experts in only one field?

That’s exactly what I’ve been wondering, and Barabara Sher’s book is, slowly but surely, unraveling the mystery of how to live a fulfilled life when you’re in love with everything and incapable of choosing… Turns out in fact that you don’t have to choose at all!

I’ll continue reading, and give you a full review soon!

Published by Katalina


2 thoughts on “Barbara Sher’s “Refuse to choose”, perspective altering book

  1. Thanks for getting the word out, Kasia! Too many Scanners think there’s something wrong with them when, in fact, they are usually very bright, curious, capable and love to learn, and learn faster than most. They only have three problems: 1) They can’t bear to be bored and once they know how to do something, they get bored. 2) The world, which used to admire the Renaissance mind, started believing only in specializing — very recently in historical terms. (It’s beginning to turn around again I’m happy to say) and 3) Nobody tells Scanners how to work with their multi-talented minds to create a life where they can flourish – be happy *and* pay the rent. That’s why I wrote Refuse To Choose. Because the best careers in the world are for Scanners. No kidding!

    I’m on my soapbox again and about to get tiresome so I’ll stop. Again, thanks for telling the people who read your blog that there’s nothing wrong with them and they’re very lucky people. That was a generous act. (Did I tell you that almost all the Scanners I meet are not very competitive, love other smart people, stay like friendly, curious kids all their lives and never quite grow into watchful, cautious, distrustful adults? It’s quite amazing. Try googling “Gifted Aults.” There’s a ton of psychiatric literature online.

  2. Wow, Barbara! Cant tell u what a pleasant surprise, and honour, it is to receive a comment from the author herself! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, I admit that your last statement on scanners being less competitive, appreciating intelligence in others and staying like curious children is very true as well!

    As for society and what is perceived as right or wrong – we all have the capacity to face criticism and go against the major trends if we understand who we are, why we are the way we are and don’t (shouldn’t!) change it and embrace our uniqueness instead. With a healthy respect and understanding of self we can face the downers much better 🙂

    Again, thank you so much for writing your books – they are so insightful! And very inspirational!

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