Presentation on Permaculture in Tarija

So it went really well… The Casa de la Cultura here in Tarija was kind enough to let us use their auditorium, and I was able to do an intro presentation about Perma.  It was very well received; I’m sure that cutting down my talking time, as compared to the University of Calgary presentation, was helpful!  Also used a design found on the net to illustrate some of the design principles – putting it in context was a good idea.

…and I’m seeing how much I love teaching and public speaking!  It felt great to be up there and sharing knowledge, especially here where Permaculture is almost totally unknown.  A good deed done, I think.


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4 thoughts on “Presentation on Permaculture in Tarija

  1. I know the feeling – I can’t stop teaching! it’s addicting almost!
    You’re perfect for that ‘job’ Kasia. Keep going! (I will tell Rowe about your journey and she’ll be super proud of you! I am!)xxx

  2. Just need to get my teachers certification and really go after it! Im seeing a ton of potential here in Spain and especially in BCN – who knows, after the ride across Europe, I may make this fabulous city my base 🙂
    So glad you are continuing with your work both in FR and Oz! I hope u n your family are enjoying the international lifestyle, which, if one can adapt quick enough, can be very enjoyable 🙂

  3. While you’re in Spain, contact Antonio []. We did our teachers training together and he’s an awesome bloke.
    I am planning with Rowe to conduct a teacher’s training in Europe… will let you know when and where!
    much love,

  4. Yay for teachers training! I will get in touch with this guy in Spain soon as I done the ride and back in España 🙂 thx Alexia!

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