Neat local Peruvian fruits and edible flowers

A little inventory of some of the indigenous fruits that we have growing here on the property.

The first – a dark, purple cherry type fruit – grows in abundance all over the place.  There must be at least a dozen trees here beaded with these little guys. the name? I’ve forgotten. Rats.

The second, the “Aguaymanto”, is a very pretty fruit.  Grows as a low shrub with the yellow veil around the fruit signaling that it’s ripe and ready to eat.  Kind of a bitter, sweet flavour, and it takes some getting used to.

Next, we have the “Pepino dulce” (translates to sweet cucumber…).  Looking at the plant, this little tiger-striped melon obviously has nothing to do with cucumbers.  Ours in the garden are still babies, in the meantime we still enjoy them bought from the market.

Last, but not least, some delicious edible flowers that go very nicely in salads.  And yes, you guessed it, I have no idea what they’re called!

…and some more photos…

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