Holistic Healing Center K’anchaynuny – my current home

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of my sister’s friend, the owner of the K’anchaynuny center, I am currently living here and taking in the wonderful and healing atmosphere of this place.

Although the site does not follow Permaculture design principles, there are elements of self-sustainability that are a constant discovery and comfort to me.  There are numerous fruit trees and shrubs on the property (peaches, pears, cherry, fig and gooseberry… to name a few), some of which are ripe and ready to eat.  There’s a large garden and a smaller one, both have a lot of salad planted, much of which has been left to grow very tall and is almost in flower (I’ve been told that this is good since we will collect the seeds for next season’s planting).  There are brocollis and sweet peas that we harvest daily, a few green onions and turnips here and there as well as several rows of wildly growing potatoes that will be ready to harvest in a few short weeks.  As a personal project and also as a thank-you to the owner for letting me stay here I’ve taken it upon myself to clean the garden up a little – more blogging on that as my work advances!

Since the rainy season here has, so far, been extremely forgiving and instead of hiding indoors from the rain we are basking in the hot sun every day – we have also been taking advantage of solar-heated water on the premises. Sweet!  There are a few chickens, and obviously some cats and dogs.  It’s nice to compost again too!

A few photos of this wonderful place:

…and a link to their website: http://kanchaynuny.com/

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