Peru – made the move

Am now living in Peru, in the Sacred Valley around the ancient Inka city of Cuzco. My sister has lived here for a few years now; I’ve come to spend time with her, escape the Canadian winter (which I find to be much less enjoyable after Christmas is over!) and discover more of Permaculture and life in general in the Peruvian, and perhaps also the South American, context. It’s going to be a soul-searching time as well, as I take the opportunity to integrate into this paradise and explore what Perma projects and learnings I really want to undertake right now in my life!

Here in Peru we have just entered into the rainy season; the coulours are lush green and the tips of the Andes are often hidden in mist and fog. It`s sometimes cooler, but quite warm with the sun usually getting to around 20 C during the day.

My first and fundamental enjoyment has been food.  What pleasure it is to be able to go to the market and buy fresh, normal (aka. organic) produce for beautifully cheap prices! A kilo of tomatoes for 1 Sol (approx. 30 cents USD)! Bananas, papayas and melons galore! The carrots taste like magic and the mangos are like sunshine. It is such a relief and a pleasure to have access to such affordable and high quality food!

Tomorrow, my first day of work at the Lamay organic farm a little over an hour trip from where we are in Urubamba.  There’s a bit more info here:

and some photos of my trip here 3,5 years ago (mountains don’t change that fast, and I’ll have new photos up soon!)

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One thought on “Peru – made the move

  1. I really like this picture. It’s my favorite of all the pics. I will be seeing this with my own eyes soon enough.

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