Healing Cancer – the Gerson therapy (+ link to documentary)

With almost every member of my immediate family over 50 falling prey to cancer…let’s just say that we have looked into many alternative methods to turning back this auto-immune disease.  I have discussed, learned about and listened to many of them and it’s the Gerson method that really stands out for me.  It really does work; it’s simple and it makes a lot of sense.

For those who have never heard of it, in it’s most extreme form, it basically entails:

– drinking only fresh vegetable and (some) fruit juices (depriving yourself of all other foods starves and eventually kills the cancer cells and allows the healthy cells to regenerate your body)

– partaking in daily, or more frequent, green coffee (before it’s been roasted) enemas.  You hold the liquid in your large intenstines for approx. 15 minutes – this stimulates your liver to rid itself of toxins as well as cleaning out the walls of your intestines from gunk that has been building up in there your entire life.

– proper sleep, low stress levels, and preferably incorporation of visualization practices (for healing), meditation etc.

… and there you have it.

There are books, articles and extensive materials on this which explain everything from the smallest (and often most significant) cellular processes to the larger picture of our horrific conventional agricultural system where chemical sprays (all the “-izers” we’ve all heard about) are entering, and not leaving, our ecosystems, foods and bodies.  There is more to the juices and enemas than the 5 lines I put as well – for those interested, the materials are available and have been for many decades.

to start off with I highly recommend the documentary “Dying to have known” which can be viewed here: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/dying-to-have-known/

It’s a pretty good film and well worth your time, especially if all of this is new to you.

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2 thoughts on “Healing Cancer – the Gerson therapy (+ link to documentary)

  1. My husband has a lung cancer. Can Gerson therapy help him?

  2. Hi Carmen. I’m very sorry to hear about your husband’s cancer. Gerson therapy may be able to help him, although it is difficult for me to say anything more as I’m not a qualified medical professional. What I have heard is that there are large-scale Gerson healing centres both in Mexico and Hungary (for example this link here https://gerson.org/gerpress/gerson-clinic-mexico/ ). Perhaps they can help you with your continued research! My best wishes go out to you and to your family.

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