“The Beautiful Green” (la Belle verte) – 1996, Colline Serreau


I was first introduced to this French film this past summer by two of my fellow PDC graduates.  They got to talking about this life-changing, render-you-speechless and amazing movie… the only film that can claim to have captured the essence of the ultimate Permaculture vision…and we immediately hopped on YouTube to watch it.  Since then I’ve seen it atleast a half dozen times and it is today, proudly, my no. 1 favourite movie of all time.

It’s a light film despite dealing with some serious stuff, and it makes you laugh time and time again… as you discover Earth through Mila’s eyes: a visitor from a peaceful and harmonious land far, far away who has trouble understanding our strange society.

So take 90 minutes out of your day to study Permaculture the sit-back-and-enjoy, passive way (which is a rare treat!).




or by searching “la belle verte” on YouTube and following it from Parts 1 through to Part 9 (they are 10 min. each).  Don’t worry, it is subtitled in English.

Happy watching!

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