a new guitar and a holly jolly Christmas

After a brief stint with a 40 Euro made-in-China guitar that I first played on in Granada (which i sold for 20 before leaving), I am now the proud new owner of a beautiful classic guitar, an “étude” of the Canadian makers laPatrie (

The primary focus right now are Christmas carols, as there is nothing that ups the musical adrenaline like trying out a freshly learned song on a friendly Christmas-party crowd while hoping they sing loudly enough to drown out my less-than-clean transitions between chords 🙂

It’s so enjoyable, and so different from the classical musical education I had on the piano.  This time there are no rules and no musical conservatory program to follow (not that I disliked piano, in fact I loved it and still love it, but the learning process with teacher, exams, competitions and the whole shebang was much more strict!).  This time around I can be as liberal as I please, drawing upon what has proven to be  the very useful music theory and harmony that I took that “transposes” beautifully to this string instrument.

I’m loving it.  “Feliz Navidad” (simple, quick and fun), “Deck the halls” and the slower, although a personal favourite of mine, the “Merry Christmas (war is over)” John Lennon tune.

Here’s to music, not just listening, but making it!

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