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Enjoy the creative process and make your dreams a reality.

Invest in the right coaching support to make it happen.

Ready to get seriously creative🙃?

Taking the overwhelm out of the picture

It can feel like too much,
To hold your big vision while focusing on daily tasks
To stay focused while remaining flexible to new ideas and methods
There are so many paradoxes to balance…

You realise that you need:

a sounding board = “Now I can hear myself think clearly!"
a friend to talk to = “I know I’m not alone!”
your personal motivator to help you through the tough times = “Someone believes in me!”
To move beyond paralysing perfectionism = “I’m finally getting my creation out to the world!”
To get to the root of your desires and emotional blocks = “I’m starting to understand the different layers of myself”


I’m Katalina

I’m a third-culture kid (“home” is in Canada, Poland, France, Senegal and more) and a multi-passionate. I really know what it’s like be torn in a million different directions and to lack the support to get clear direction and motivation in a new project.

There’s a reason that the most successful people invest in coaching. We are as strong as the strength of our support team.

Through the tools, practices and support that I have learned and experienced in my own journey, I now have the skills to help YOU to achieve your dreams too. I can be your cheerleader, guide, support, mirror, sounding board and more…

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90% Podcast

When coaching practices, life wisdom and the funnies overflow…we turn to podcasting🎤

Connect with us as we share about:

  • breathing practices
  • relationship tricks and tools
  • communication wisdom
  • facing your fears
  • making creativity life’s centre-piece

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“I feel empowered”

“Katalina is not just a coach…she is much more than that. Like those wise guides, she carries within her a light that allows her to subtly illuminate your points to work on without forcing you to do so. Respectful of the freedom of choice of each person, she will bring the right questions but will not give you ready-made answers. At the end of a session with her you will be left empowered to move forward with your decision. She is very professional and caring. She leaves you savouring the joy of finally being yourself and walking your own path!”

Soukeyna, Senegal

“Everything feels easier”

“She’s got this way of saying things which makes so much sense and brings a lot of clarity! Talking with Katalina is like talking with a sister. There’s never any judgment and always a lot of acceptance for what is. I feel lighter, more positive after our conversations. Everything just seems easier and more doable. Things somehow make more sense inside of me. It’s easier to go step by step through the problems, together.”

Agata, Poland

“She makes me laugh”

“I really love Katalina’s grounding, calm and wise energy. She has such a way with words! Katalina is able to speak with extreme clarity, with a sense of directness that gets right to the heart of what needs to be said…but in such a way which makes me laugh, and yet is completely inoffensive. I always feel like when we speak Katalina brings new insights, new ways of seeing things. She is for sure one of my go-to people for when I need some solid, grounding and compassionate advice.”

Catherine, UK

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